Saturday, May 9, 2015

Jeanie C. Riley

While out on my treasure hunt the other day I came across an old Jeanie C. Riley album. Growing up, Jeanie C. was my neighbor and I always knew that inside that brick house was a legend and hell of a well dressed woman. I am wishing now that I could have taken a look inside her closet,  because after hours of researching her, she had some pretty amazing style. Not only was she super stylish for a country singer of that era, she was mostly known for her hit Harper Valley PTA.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nashville Symphony Fashion Show 2015 featuring Brunello Cucinelli

In recent years Nashville has become quite the hub for fashion. Many amazing people have migrated here changing the game of fashion in our fair city quite a bit. From models, bloggers, designers etc. we have created fashion events giving all an excuse to dress in their finest and admire the fantasy that fashion provides. One such event that I look forward to the most is the Nashville Symphony Fashion Show. The presentation is always exquisite and the people behind it are always so generous and kind. This years featured designer was Brunello Cucinelli. An amazing Italian designer dedicated to the quality and craft of sportswear. In his fall 2015 collection he artfully integrates furs and leathers into a very wearable and cozy way. Below are some of my favorite new friends and favorite looks from the show!

Thank you to Dave Felipe and the Nashville Symphony 
Photos: Laura Cavaliere