Monday, July 20, 2015

Fiorucci a revolution in retail

Today is a sad day in fashion history as Elio Fiorucci has died, but his legacy will never die.

I am ashamed to admit. My first introduction to the brand Fiorucci was in the 90s when Jenifer Love Hewitt wore the double angel logo on a tshirt. I wish I was part of the cool pack like Madonna and Andy Warhol who discovered Fiorucci in his heyday. But I am sure glad I even had a chance to walk into one of his stores.  For anyone who is unaware of Fiorucci it is an Italian label founded by Elio Fiorucci in 1967. Born the son of a shoe shop owner he created a line of colored galoshes for his father's shop and soon after became a revolutionary in fashion and retail for introducing Milan to the style of Swinging London.  His heyday was in 1976 when he opened up shop in Manhattan exposing the hip and the fabulous to his eclectic mix of new and vintage clothing. Members of his shop team included Maripol, Madonna's best friend and stylist who introduced Madonna to the label making it a sensation in the pop world. His style and influence can still be seen in current collections and will always be a major influence and inspiration for me.