Sunday, August 31, 2008

Local Honey Shindig!

Last night was a hoot and a half! I ran into old friends, made some new friends, just all around had a good time at the Local Honey Party! Local Honey is not only a really rad store, it hosts some fly parties too! Being the homebody that I normally am, last night was totally worth draggin myself out of the house. I arrived just in time to see Nashville's own, Hans Condor play their set. their frontman Charles kills it on guitar. If you haven't seen the kid simply must!!! And if you haven't experienced a Local Honey Shindig, you simply must!!

Keep yourselves in the know and go go go!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Diva

My twin sis Laura is in town and I'm gonna be away from the computer for a bit.

So... In honor of America the beauiiful, I thought I would spotlight the most fabulous first lady, Jackie O. Always a graceful and fashionable presence, and born on my birthday ;)


Pat Field for Obama

Sex and the City Stylist and amazing eccentric Patricia Field, has designed a line of t-shirts for OBAMA!
Pretty darn rad!!! yall!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lingerie Sale

British Lingerie company Agent Provocateur is also having an amazing online sale. Their usually very expensive lingerie is marked down considerably. So use your currency converters and buy yourselves a gorgeous piece!!

go to

sale @bj

Look out for all the great sales for Labor Day Weekend!!

Of course I'm hitting this one up

Opening Tonight!!!

The Last Mistress is opening tonite, starring the lovely and talented Asia Argento

"marks the monumental pairing of cinema's premiere provocateur, director Catherine Breillat (ROMANCE, FAT GIRL) with the most fearless and explosive actor of our generation, Asia Argento (MARIE ANTONIETTE, BOARDING GATE). A penniless rogue, Ryno de Marigny (newcomer Fu-ad At Aattou), shocks 19th century France with his engagement to the virginal gem of the aristocracy, Hermangarde (Roxane Mesquida of FAT GIRL). As lurid speculations of Ryno's ten year affair with the carnal Vellini (Argento) manifest, a supremely erotic and wickedly humorous depiction of human lust is revealed - overriding the brittle facade of nobility and reverence. Bolstered by Breillat's mastery of the medium and Argento's commanding performance, THE LAST MISTRESS is a highly entertaining yet incredibly provocative film that has resulted in unanimous praise from audiences and critics across the world."

go to for showtimes

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kate Moss turned Gold

OK this is a little strange read on:

"HAVING cast Kate Moss in a provocative yoga pose for his 2006 work Sphinx, Marc Quinn will today unveil Siren - a larger-scale version of the piece, cast in gold - at the British museum.
As only befits one of the world's greatest supermodels, Siren's stats are impressive. It weighs in at 50 kilograms, is worth £1.5 million and is said to be the largest gold statue to be made in the world since the time of Ancient Egypt.
"I thought the next thing to do would be to make a sculpture of the person who's the ideal beauty of the moment," Quinn says of his supermodel subject."

British Vogue

androgyny for fashion week

NY Fashion Week is fast approaching and I can hardly wait to see who does what and who walks for who...

Daniel Peddle one of the top casting agents lays down his guidelines for what they are looking for, for this season's models

"We really like the tomboy look — not necessarily masculine in their face but they have sort of hardness to them while maintaining their elegance.
Another thing this season is trying to discern from all the girls out there the ones that are ethnically ambiguous. Girls and boys that have faces that you can’t just put in a certain place or race or geography. I think it’s very helpful to see those types of faces in our conflicted world because you can see that we’re still evolving as humans and they are the results of people willing to go beyond the socially constructed notions around race … With the Internet and the way that everyone is so connected now it’s not something you can overlook anymore. I don’t think it’s possible to do a modern show and have it be all blondes. I understand that sometimes a designer has an aesthetic that dictates something like that and of course we’re going to work with them to achieve their goals but personally I don’t find that to be a very modern statement."

Whatever that is supposed to mean.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Albert Hammond Jr. Designs men's suits..

Thats right you heard me, Albert Hammond Jr. Strokes guitarist is designing a line of suits for men..
He is a very dapper man so this makes total sense.

heres the scoop

Albert Hammond, Jr. has revealed he is working on designing a line of men’s suits, to be sold initially in Los Angeles.

The Strokes guitarist-turned-solo-star is co-designing the clothes line with stylist Ilaria Urbinati, and the collection will be sold at the soon-to-be-opened Confederacy store, which she co-owns with actor/DJ Danny Masterson.

“I want to make suits that I’m going to have for myself,” Hammond told New York Magazine. “They’re for the person who needs his one suit for a wedding. He’d rather get something like this than go to Men’s Wearhouse, pay the same amount, and look like an out-of-date parent.”

Hammond tells NME.COM that he hopes initially to produce three styles of suit , branching out with new designs every season.

“The whole goal is to make this line and see what it does and if we can just break even to make the next set" he says "then every time we’ll do it we’ll add one new design and then we’ll add a few different things to the old designs so it’ll constantly be growing, it’ll constantly change.”

And he says he’s aiming to keep the suit line classic, with subtle changes added to existing styles every season.

“It’s kind of like the way cars slowly evolve ever year, you think they look the same but you look back and they’ve slowly changed over time. Sometimes there’s certain things that happen in fashion but what I’m trying make is something that’s a little more classic to do I feel like 20 years from you could wear. It’s not going to be like some flared suit that you’d wear now and look like it was Halloween.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Black Power

listen up. The trend for fall is black lips. Not the Band (although, I love them too) YSL black lip gloss!!!! Shown on the fall 08 runways the YSL team decided to to sell it at the counters.

Come to my counter and pre-order yours

They are gonna fly off the shelves ya'll!!!!!!!!!

Purple People.

Kate Moss is on the cover of Purple Magazine with Mario Sorrenti!!

Pretty HOT!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


lets just appreciate the Runaways for a moment!!!!!!!

...and my first girl crush Cherie Currie ooh la la!!

The Ettes.

Attn: Nashville folks there is a new band in town. The Ettes!! Apparently they live here which is pretty darn cool, because I have just checked out their myspace page and they really kind of rock!!! Reminiscent of the Runaways I think there is something everyone can dig on with their sound!!

Aug, 28th Springwater
Aug, 29th The Basement

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Probably the most amazing footage of 60's fashion EVER!!!
My fave model Peggy Moffitt!! Just watch how she glides in front of the camera!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yay! Gwen Stefani's new Harajuku Lovers perfumes came into Dillards yesterday!!!!
They are so cute and smell great! My fave of course is "G" which is Gwen! It smells like coconuts!!
come get one or two.

Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear

hey kids!
for $1500 you can have your very own Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear!
It actually really resmbles him.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dancin in the dark.

Chanel Resort 09
some droolworthy pieces to tie us over until NY Fashion Week...

p.s. Bruce totally rocked my socks off last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celebrity Stylist.

Rachel Zoe, is set to design a line of handbags in 09. Could be very cool...
Based on her book "Style A to Zoe" and a client list including Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, It probably will be pretty darn awesome!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

90210 Old vs. New.

I'm all about new things, but I don't know how I feel about the 90210 revival. I'm sorry you just can't resurrect my 14 year old crush on Dylan McKay. I mean who is going to portray bitchy like Shannon Doherty or Jenny Garth...
I'm sorry it's just that I took this show very seriously...if it werent for 90210 I don't know where my wardrobe would have started.

Is it just me??

The Boss.

Yes, Bruce Springsteen is playing tonight, and yes I am going!!!

apparently he plays a three hour set!!

Sommet Center
7:30 pm

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fashion sitcom

this is a really funny, strange, awesome video of Karl Lagerfeld and his muses from the 70's shot by Andy Warhol

Jane Birkin does Fashion Week.

Jane Birkin actress/singer, wife of Serge Gainsbourg, mother of Lou Doillon and Charlotte Gainsbourg, is partnering up with knitwear designers Lutz+Patmos for Fashion Week next month. If anyone knows anything about Jane Birkin's style, she was a major trendsetter in her day...I can't wait to see what the collection is like. Her daughters are the trendsetters of today...ooh la la I'm hoping to see a lot of Charlotte and Lou at the shows.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A fashionable fight.

Apparently a passerby pissed Lilly Allen off.
She punched the gal three times clad in a purple Chanel dress and Louboutin heels.
Howz that for classy!!

Yesterday after lunching with a pal at Battered and Fried in East Nashville! I decided to head over to Gallatin Southern Thrift.
I never go that way for many reasons, mostly because it is a bit off my normal path. After turning the place upside down for something fabulous! I stumbled upon an AMAZING book called "Arthur Elgort's Models Manual." Arthur Elgort is an international photographer for Vogue and many other major publications. His book was published in 1993, and has some of the best photographs of the major models of that era. Cindy, Gia, Naomi, Christy, Linda and Janice before she made a mess of herself....pretty much all of the heeavyweights of the modeling world are featured in this book. Not only is the photography great, the ladies speak very candidly about their experiences and their hopes for their futures!! You can get a cheap copy on amazon or Check out some of his work at

Monday, August 18, 2008

Brit Invasion and my obsession with hotpants.

If you've got good legs you should be wearing hotpants before summer is over. I am obsessed with ladies that can pull these sexy thangs off.

Speaking of hotpants, UK band Hotpants Romance is playing the Springwater tonight. If you dont mind hot off key girls with British accents maybe you should go.....or not.

Also UB40 is playing the Wildhorse Saloon..

I will be going to neither

Sunday, August 17, 2008

60s fashion madness

I am crazy for 60s fashion...
If any of you have been to my booth, you know this ;)
check out this video

Carrie Underwood video

Here is the final cut for the Carrie Underwood video I worked on with Libby Callaway!!

Carrie is a fantastic actress and had us all tearing up on set.

check it out

How to dress like a style icon.

You have to check this out it is so much fun! has created a how to shop like a style icon guide!!!


give it a try

Competitive Shopping!

Why can't shopping be considered a sport? Seriously, if it were, I would be the Michael Phelps of shopping NO DOUBT. I am a champion shopper and I will never back down. Sometimes I feel a little crazy, especially when I am in a thrift store and I see a bitch with something that I missed in her hand. I curse her under my breath and imagine myself gauging her eyes out with spoons. Dark, I know...
Living in New York helped me a lot in my training for competitive shopping, women up there WILL hurt you, if you don't back off their goods. I once had a lady stalk me because I had all the good stuff in my hands. She literally followed me through the entire store giving me the evil eye. I was very afraid for my life.

This past week was the Barney's Warehouse sale, it is pretty awesome and kind of a joke at the same time. Because a dress that was once $3,000 is now only $900 gee aint that penny pinchin! It has been said that many a gal gets thrown out of the store because she just can't keep it together. In other words, the cats start fighting. Kind of like lionesses in the jungle.

So, I will stick with my Goodwills, Southern Thrifts and Thrift Smarts of Middle Tennessee.
Simply because I can find Ferragamo flats for $3.99 as opposed to $399