Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Girl!

I have not posted a cool Nashville gal of the month, in quite a while. However, I have sorely missed it, so I am starting it again with one of the coolest chicas in town! Not only does this gal have serious style, she has, the coolest job in all of Nashville! Assistant designer to Manuel of Manuel Couture...


Name: Lalie Kavulich but I have an alter ego named: Darla the OUTLAW

Interests: spurs & fringe. estate sales & antique malls. ghost stories & tours. vampire writing. treasure hunting. serial killer lore. historical fiction. southern gothic. greek myths. art museums. the romantic poets. used book stores. british humor. tortured souls. time travel. graveyards. fashion magazines. costume shops. traveling. adventuring. exploring. secrets. scandals. serious xmu. mexican culture. anything related to the buffalo. long live McQueen. chandeliers & strange lighting fixtures. old photographs of people i dont know. the sartorialist. old costume jewelry. weird cameras. silent films. photo booths. alter ego’s. femme fatale. cooking. waxing sarcastic. obscure music blogs. documentaries. cloves. red wine and dark chocolate. vintage western wear. inside jokes. personal best. random acts of kindness. the words: sans & per. dive bars. gourmet vegetarian. craft party. dance parties. honky tonks. junking in small towns. big bizarre rings. 1940’s prom dresses.

How long have you lived in Nashville? Well, I moved here in...LORD, 1999... I guess I am more Nashville than Northern after all.

Favorite Nashville spot: my, my, I can not just pick 1! How about.... Robert's Western World, Fran's Karaoke on East side, Lucy Pop Salon in midtown, Good Buy Girls on 16th and Fatherland, Mt. Olivet Cemetery & The Oak Bar at The Hermitage

Favorite Nashvillian living or dead: My fabulous boss MANUEL of Course

check out some of her work at

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PARLOUR JAPAN and new FALL items!!!

Ladies! I have stocked the online store with many great pieces for fall and Winter!

Including PARLOUR JAPAN items!

go go go

Monday, September 27, 2010

The EnD Fashion Show

Last Sunday's event at the Belcourt theater welcomed every member of Nashville's fashion set. Several tables were installed throughout the theater showcasing local and regional designers including Debe Dohrer's jewelry line, "Coquette Designs" by Brooke Shipley, and my personal favorite "Many Will See" by Amanda Urrego. Each designer auctioned a piece from their collection, all proceeds aiding the Belcourt in their quest for new and more comfortable seats. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay long enough to view the fashion show with designers such as Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin , Billy Reid of Billy Reid and Carrie and Matt Eddmensun of Imogene + Willie showcasing. My father called me last minute to sing with him for the "Rally Mania Festival" in Franklin...daughters duty ;) However, From what I have heard the show was fabulous, and definitely my loss!! I did however, manage to snap the picture of every stylish person in the crowd ;) Take a peek.

Many thanks to The Belcourt Theater, Rose Mary Gorman and Libby Callaway for their generosity.

Parlour's Pick.

After seeing the Spring 11' Missoni collection it makes me want to keep this amazing Missoni style sweater. However, I simply do not have the room in my closet for another sweater
The weather is already getting cooler Go grab it before it's gone!!!

Find it at
Gaslamp Antique Mall
100 Powell PL
Nashville, TN
booth #220

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Supper, Song and Cinema @ Imogene + Willie

Imogene + Willie has a good thing going! Not only are their jeans AMAZING! Their parties have serious vibe.
As part of the nD festival, the scene was set with lounge chairs and guests of all ages hanging about. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the evening was the screening of "The WIld One" Marlon Brando had every girl in the crowd drooling...serious babe factor! I know chatting during movies is faux pas, but I had a lovely conversation with the talented Brooke Shipley of Coquette Swimwear! You gotta check out her swimsuit collection yall!

for more info on the nD fest visit
photos by Laura Cavaliere

Friday, September 24, 2010

Who wore it Better?

Alice Dellal or Martha Plimpton

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Beautiful ones.

I have really wanted to do a post on my favorite models in Nashville for a while now. This city has so many beautiful girls and I want the whole WORLD "wide web" to know!
Part of my job is to scout the most gorgeous girls I can find to shoot my vintage collections. Most of these girls I have worked with, some of them I have not, and I sure hope to. In my opinion every single one of these girls has that special something! I know there are more to be found in our fair city, and i look forward to meeting and working with all of them soon!

Ashley Hanks
Kaysey Reed
Terra Winston
Rachel Hartzog
Mackenzie Lucas
Emily Odaniel
Lauren Hall
Ashley Fisher
Renee Peters
Ashley Clapp
Sullivan Mellencamp
Rachel Ruff
Katelyn R.
Stephanie S.
Josephine D'angellis
Ashton Powers
Tiffany Clark
Lauren P.
Solana H.
Maria E.
Nicole Hunt
Amber Williams
Salome Steinman

Please note:
some of the girls last names are not published for privacy