Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Girl.

This gal is so rad! She brings so much flair to our fair city and has made her career out of reporting the coolest events in Nashville...

Name: Heather Byrd or "Byrdie." I answer to both.

Interests: Peter Pan complexes, photography, driving fast, kissing slow, road trips with perfect soundtracks, hiking, testing my limits, billiards, stimulating conversations, updating my blog (www.byrdie.tumblr.com), feeling groovy and overcoming my fears.

How long have you lived in Nashville? Since 7th grade at Bellevue Middle School. I moved here in 1989 so my mother could attend law school at Vandy.

What is your favorite Nashville spot? There are so many. My hammock. Radnor Lake, especially when the trees' leaves are changing colors. The Natchez Trace parkway for the perfect Sunday drive. Blue Moon Lagoon to chill out with pals for a bite and a cold beer.

Who is your favorite Nashvillian living or dead? I would say my mother, but she is from Jackson, TN. So I will say Oprah Winfrey. You can't help but appreciate her ambition and ability to always maintain a level head no matter what situation she is in or who she is speaking with. It's one of the best qualities a person can have.

A glove story.

By John Kehe

Nearly 30 years ago, I was a fortunate eyewitness to a pivotal Michael Jackson epiphany: the true glove story.

As the resident music-head at a Hollywood film production company, I was tapped to design a music video for Michael Jackson and his brothers in 1980. Michael was already a big star – his breakout solo album "Off the Wall" was still riding high on the charts. The Jacksons had re-formed, and it was a long time since the group had garnered a hit. The designated single from their new album was "Can You Feel It," a song with an insistent, "Bolero"-like rhythm.

(Michael was very high on the song and had attempted to leave the six-minute, unedited version on my phone machine a few days before, but it cut off after 30 seconds.)

After a brainstorming session and a riveting a cappella performance of the song by Michael at the kickoff meeting (featuring some gravity-defying dance moves that, alas, predated moon-walking), I was asked to take Michael on a tour of the production facilities at the company, Robert Abel & Associates.

As we walked through the facility's maze of hallways, camera rooms, and special-effects labs, we encountered the chief film editor, Rick Ross, who was cutting and splicing a TV commercial. Rick was wearing a short white cotton glove on his left hand as he ran the film through his fingers, looking for the yellow grease-pencil marks he had made on various frames of film to be edited. To have a little green box of these disposable gloves sitting on the editing bench was standard practice for film editors in those days.

Michael, who hadn't shown any particular enthusiasm for the tour so far, seemed suddenly transfixed by the glove and politely asked a number of questions about it, concluding with, "Could you spare one?" But of course.

The rest, they say, is HIStory.

The single white glove (later covered in silver sequins) made its television debut on Michael's left hand during his stunning performance of "Billy Jean" at Motown's 25th anniversary TV special in 1983. It became the King of Pop's wardrobe icon for the rest of his career, worn by Jackson and his multimillions of adoring fans the world over.

A number of mysteries still surround Michael Jackson's strange life, and some questions may never be answered.

I'm just glad I could shed some light on one of them.

• John Kehe is the Monitor's design director.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Flea Market Photos!

Thank you to all of the brave souls that came to shop! The heat was horrible, but the vendors were great this weekend! My favorite was the dig piles of vintage clothes and fabric, and the awesome lady paintings!!! I bought a gorgeous vintage 1940s wedding gown, a really rad romper, and a 1970's prom dress soooo cheap.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does anyone remember these?

They are not really that old, but I would love to get my hand on a pair!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marc Jacobs documentary

If you have not seen this, you simply must Netflix it tonite! It is so amazing...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Flea Market Today!!

Come out YALL!!!!


look for the colorful racks of clothes.

p.s. If you wear any Michael Jackson memorabilia I will give you 10% off...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Michael was and still is my hero, not only did his music reach the masses, his style was unbeatable.

I started to worry, wondered if I had enough class.

So, I'm pretty psyched because the flea market starts on Friday! And I found these ridiculous Prince style lace booties at Goodwill the other day!!! Oh the outfits I am going to rock with these babies!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can you hear me knockin.

I love the Richards girls, everything they touch turns to GOLD! When I was living in NYC, I was working backstage at the shows. I got the chance to meet Alexandra...she was the sweetest!! We talked for a bit, and I had someone snap a shot of us!! I noticed in the latest ELLE magazine that her sister Theodora is the model for Erin Kleinberg's fall 2009 collection...check it out HERE

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fanny's Choice Pictures!

Here are some pictures of the Fanny's Choice sale this past weekend!!
It was really nice to meet some of the new vendors, and to catch up with some of the vendors that I already know. There were so many stylish ladies, I especially loved Bekah's Charlie Brown tatoos!!

FYI:Libby Callaway has a permanent spot (Flora Vintage) at Fanny's House of Music in East Nashville, her collection is fabulous, the space has a great vibe, like stepping into a magical fairyland!!