Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm on my way to New Orleans this morning leaving out of Nashville, Tennessee

The reunion was really funny, needless to say I left early and dumped my sister on my boyfriend; I was seriously over it. Sunday morning Danny woke me up with a really funny story of my sister and him meeting this Australian band called Howling Bells. It turns out they were one of the opening bands for Coldplay, and they decided to stay on in Nashville for a couple more days. There were twin brothers Ari and Joel(fraternal just like me and my sis) and their older sister Juanita is the singer. They were the sweetest bunch of people you will ever meet. We all hit it off just like family!!! Last night was their last night in town before they left for New Orleans, so we took them to 21st ave, then Centennial Park...Then I sold them some vintage loot out of the trunk of my car. Howz that for pop up shop.

oh and if you want to hear them click Howling Bells

title is lyrics to Ramblin Man by The Allman Brothers.

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