Sunday, June 14, 2009

A rant.

Yesterday, while reading a well known blog, I began to feel sick to my stomach at the unabashed display of excess. So much so, that I deleted the blog off of my list of favorites. Don't get me wrong,I am all about mixing the expensive with the thrifty. I love the art of displaying the love for all things fashionable and sometimes expensive ;). However,when every single item the person shows is more than most people's mortgage payment, I begin to question that person's individuality and actual style. If we all had massive amounts of cash to churn out on designer items, I am sure we too,could look great 24 hours a day, but what is the fun in buying everything that a designer says is fashionable?

I believe, true style comes from the people that have little money to spend on clothing. And the interesting fact, is that many designers say that their inspiration comes from those very people. I love walking down the streets of New York, and even Nashville, seeing how people put things together both expensive and really cheap. Most of the time the coolest thing they are wearing is something that was bought for pennies.

To be honest,I don't really know why I am raving about this, I think it may be because there are a lot of people that can barely feed their families right now, and I think that people need to be more sensitive to that fact. Nuff Said.


mice said...

I accept every word in this post. ;)

loveroffashion said...

Thank you sweetheart.

Unknown said...

Omg-- u are sooo right!!

Unknown said...

Agree completely! Thank you. I mean duh! we'd all look awesome if we could buy designer stuff whenever we wanted- where is the creativity in that? Give me interesting and suprising combinations that inspire and smart use of basics.

Anonymous said...

Very good point. Sometimes people tend to lose the idea of fashion as simply designer names.