Friday, September 10, 2010

Japan times (part 2)

On Tuesday, our only day off, my great friend Eriko from college came to visit me and took me to the most amazing part of town called Koenji. Koenji is were all of the vintage clothing dealers and second hand stores are. I am talking about rows and rows of vintage clothing stores each one beautifully curated, and impeccably styled! We shopped for hours and tried on the most amazing pieces(check out the pink noveau lady print dress!!!) . After shopping, we tucked into a great cafe for a drink and talked about life and love and everything good friends talk about. I ate green tea Belgium waffles topped off with whipped cream and red bean paste...amazing! After our snack we headed back into the shops where I found an amazing vintage bookstore/second hand clothing store! Expect some goodies for the shop :)
Later that night we hopped the train back to my hotel and went to a sushi dinner with my dad! We ate the most incredible sushi I have ever eaten in my life. I'm off to do some shows...more posts to follow :)

Dress from Diamond Star Halo Vintage
Shoes vintage thrifted Ferragamo Varina flats
bag by Betsey Johnson

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