Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Japan Times (The finale)

The bullet train to Nagoya was insane! An estimated 7 hour drive time from Tokyo is only 1 hour and 45 minutes by the train. That sucker was FAST! Along the way we got to see some of the country side including Mt. Fuji! Once we arrived in Nagoya we were met by our guide Juri. My dad and I got one more sushi meal in and it was lights out for me until the show started that night. We did two more shows at the Blue Note Nagoya, and the crowd loved it! The warmth we received through the whole trip is unexplainable. These people adore my dad's music and have such a beautiful way of expressing it. I cannot put into words how honored I felt to be signing with my dad in a place like Japan!

The next morning I woke up to explore some of Nagoya, it is a beautiful city, a bit more industrial than Tokyo though.
My trip ended by making a stop to the Anna Sui duty free counter and buying myself some Soy Broth Ramen noodles. YUM!
Until next time, Sayonara Japan ;)

Mt. Fuji photo take by our bass player John Howard.