Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Girl!

I have not posted a cool Nashville gal of the month, in quite a while. However, I have sorely missed it, so I am starting it again with one of the coolest chicas in town! Not only does this gal have serious style, she has, the coolest job in all of Nashville! Assistant designer to Manuel of Manuel Couture...


Name: Lalie Kavulich but I have an alter ego named: Darla the OUTLAW

Interests: spurs & fringe. estate sales & antique malls. ghost stories & tours. vampire writing. treasure hunting. serial killer lore. historical fiction. southern gothic. greek myths. art museums. the romantic poets. used book stores. british humor. tortured souls. time travel. graveyards. fashion magazines. costume shops. traveling. adventuring. exploring. secrets. scandals. serious xmu. mexican culture. anything related to the buffalo. long live McQueen. chandeliers & strange lighting fixtures. old photographs of people i dont know. the sartorialist. old costume jewelry. weird cameras. silent films. photo booths. alter ego’s. femme fatale. cooking. waxing sarcastic. obscure music blogs. documentaries. cloves. red wine and dark chocolate. vintage western wear. inside jokes. personal best. random acts of kindness. the words: sans & per. dive bars. gourmet vegetarian. craft party. dance parties. honky tonks. junking in small towns. big bizarre rings. 1940’s prom dresses.

How long have you lived in Nashville? Well, I moved here in...LORD, 1999... I guess I am more Nashville than Northern after all.

Favorite Nashville spot: my, my, I can not just pick 1! How about.... Robert's Western World, Fran's Karaoke on East side, Lucy Pop Salon in midtown, Good Buy Girls on 16th and Fatherland, Mt. Olivet Cemetery & The Oak Bar at The Hermitage

Favorite Nashvillian living or dead: My fabulous boss MANUEL of Course

check out some of her work at

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