Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Japan Times.

The flight to Japan started off great! The band and I had a whole row of seats to ourselves, what more can you ask for on an 12 hour flight? Yep, everything was all gravy until about 2 hours into the flight we hit some serious turbulence,unbeknownst to us, there was a typhoon below. I was scared for a mili second but I was so engulfed in "Gone With the Wind" I got over it fast. The moment we landed we were met by our Blue Note guide, (btw Blue Note is one of the clubs we are playing) he took us to our hotel, and I hit the pillow pretty fast. I awoke to the sound of my dad calling me at 7 am...Thanks dad. We set up my Japan phone, I chatted with my mom and sis, ate the most amazing Japanese breakfast and took a stroll through Tokyo.

Fast Forward to the shows, we did two sets...the first set was great! but the second set took the cake! We were all so tired we seriously thought we would be snoring through it. I'll tell you one thing, singing is so easy with a crowd full of smiling faces. These people know how to party, and they appreciate good music when they hear it. If I could have captured that moment I would have... it was absolutely priceless! After the show we waited while my dad did some album signing. I love seeing all of the Japanese imports of my dad's band!

to catch a glimpse of the fun, This is our sound guy good ole Jimbo G. !

off to get some rest, I'm meeting my BFF from college for some Tokyo vintage shopping!!!!

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