Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Beautiful ones.

I have really wanted to do a post on my favorite models in Nashville for a while now. This city has so many beautiful girls and I want the whole WORLD "wide web" to know!
Part of my job is to scout the most gorgeous girls I can find to shoot my vintage collections. Most of these girls I have worked with, some of them I have not, and I sure hope to. In my opinion every single one of these girls has that special something! I know there are more to be found in our fair city, and i look forward to meeting and working with all of them soon!

Ashley Hanks
Kaysey Reed
Terra Winston
Rachel Hartzog
Mackenzie Lucas
Emily Odaniel
Lauren Hall
Ashley Fisher
Renee Peters
Ashley Clapp
Sullivan Mellencamp
Rachel Ruff
Katelyn R.
Stephanie S.
Josephine D'angellis
Ashton Powers
Tiffany Clark
Lauren P.
Solana H.
Maria E.
Nicole Hunt
Amber Williams
Salome Steinman

Please note:
some of the girls last names are not published for privacy


Rhonda Lucas said...

Loved your blog, and was a little proud to see my daughter, Mackenzie Lucas was one of the models..She is currently in the HER magazine for September issue in Nashville. Best of luck on your blog...looks like fun

loveroffashion said...

Thank you for your sweet words! And thank you for reading. I met your daughter at the Isaac Mizrahi show. She is just gorgeous!
Would love to shoot with her sometime ;)