Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Power of Two

As some of you, probably most of you know, I am a twin.
My sister Laura still lives in NYC, and it is been quite a transition for us to be separated.  Somehow, when we are apart we always find our way back to each other...In this case I am hoping it is sooner rather than later. One thing I have always found is that when we are together we can move mountains. Magical, unexpected things happen to us, such as numerous backstage invites at our favorite concerts, free stuff, etc. I truly believe that nobody understands the bond of twins, unless you are a twin. I don't care how close in age you are to your sibling. You did not share the womb with that person. I know my sister like nobody else, and she the same for me.
Since I moved back down to Nashville I have started a vintage clothing booth. I have been collecting vintage and designer pieces for years, and I cannot even express to you how great it has been to justify my insatiable appetite for thrift shopping! I love selling clothes, especially clothes that I shrieked in delight upon finding. I love the reaction of my customers when they find a "jewel" in my collection. While I launched this venture alone, I kept in mind the dynamic my sister and I have when we are together, thus the reason for naming it "Gemella Vintage" Gemella means twin in Italian. Also, a reference to our strong Italian heritage. So even though my sister is in a different state, the spirit of our bond thrives...
So come visit me at my booth at the flea market. I have scores and scores of fabulous finds..
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