Tuesday, August 12, 2008

children of the Beatles..and the neverending controversy of fur.

I don't know how most of you feel about fur. I may lose some readers, but I am shamelessly going to admit I LOVE FUR!! Nothing exudes luxury or decadence as well as wearing fur. And lets face it folks, if our ancestors (prehistoric I mean) had not worn it, we would not be here. So there :P I read an article today about the great Stella Mccartney's outrage because London fur boutique Hockley ran an add without permission using a bra from her new lingerie line. We all know she is a huge supporter of PETA and does not use any fur or leather in any of her collections. Personally, I would be flattered to have my left foot showcased with a $12,000 mink, but that is just me.

Speaking of Beatle's progeny, I guess Dhani Harrison does not mind fur. Check out these scans from the Fashion Rocks spread. Sasha Pivovarova and him frolicking in the woods Hello, it is GORGEOUS and full of FUR!!! (most of which I really want) He looks just like his father strutting around with Pattie Boyd. SIGH!!!!

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