Thursday, August 28, 2008

androgyny for fashion week

NY Fashion Week is fast approaching and I can hardly wait to see who does what and who walks for who...

Daniel Peddle one of the top casting agents lays down his guidelines for what they are looking for, for this season's models

"We really like the tomboy look — not necessarily masculine in their face but they have sort of hardness to them while maintaining their elegance.
Another thing this season is trying to discern from all the girls out there the ones that are ethnically ambiguous. Girls and boys that have faces that you can’t just put in a certain place or race or geography. I think it’s very helpful to see those types of faces in our conflicted world because you can see that we’re still evolving as humans and they are the results of people willing to go beyond the socially constructed notions around race … With the Internet and the way that everyone is so connected now it’s not something you can overlook anymore. I don’t think it’s possible to do a modern show and have it be all blondes. I understand that sometimes a designer has an aesthetic that dictates something like that and of course we’re going to work with them to achieve their goals but personally I don’t find that to be a very modern statement."

Whatever that is supposed to mean.

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