Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get it all at Goodwill.

Goodwill is my jam! I remember shopping Goodwill in high school and being laughed at. Now Goodwill is everyone's second home, go figs. I was very pleased to hear that M.I.A wore a suit from Goodwill to meet with Anna Wintour yesterday. I admire the audacity, and I don't give a shit tude this lady wears. While most people would think doing something like this is passe' I have no doubt in my mind that this suit was probably Super Stylin!! While we're on the subject, I have found a total of 4 really amazing Dior Suits in mint condition at Goodwill that would surely gain the favor of Anna W. Oh and this Dior robe (picture above) that I found today for a total of $2 (green tags are 50% off this week) see for yourself the tags still on it!!

On the same token, a friend of mine recently got married. She told me the story of her wedding gown. It is a 100 year old perfectly preserved, gorgeous Victorian lace gown, from...Guess Where?? GOODWILL!!!

Just Sayin..


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