Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Girl!

I have not had the opportunity to meet this gal yet, but I can't wait to! She is witty and stylish, not to mention, she is the queen of the indie country scene! May I introduce

Name: Caitlin Rose
Interests: Tea with milk and sugar, Tom Petty's teeth, practicing my Katharine Hepburn impression, playing shows, watching Home Alone
How Long have you lived in Nashville? Since I was 7. 1994 or something.
Favorite Nashville Spot? Dino's Bar & Grill and my front porch.
Favorite Nashvillian living or dead? It's difficult to think of anyone who is actually from here. The best Nashvillians come from Texas(like me), Virginia, Arkansas, etc... Hank Jr. was born here, but he's far from my favorite(no offense). I'm gonna go with Minnie Pearl.

check out her music HERE

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