Friday, April 2, 2010

March Girl

I totally forgot to post my March girl so here she is!! A fellow Betsey gal, my March girl is a true gem! May I introduce

Name: Rebecca Bolton

Interests: Sewing, cycling, music, thrifting, Mikky Ekko, vintage, people watching, birds(i don't bird watch, but i really enjoy their beauty), and fashion interpretation.

How Long have you lived in Nashville? I have lived in this grand city for almost 9 years. Time just flies when you're having fun!

Favorite Nashville Spot?. I thought about this for a few minutes; over the years my favorite spot has probably changed. Then BAAM it hit me-12th and Porter, of course. I can't imagine Nashville without it. It has been a shaping factor of my time in Nashville.

Favorite Nashvillian living or dead? Jack White. I just love him. The end.


amanda lee said...

i love becca! she really is wonderful

loveroffashion said...

she is a living doll!!