Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Lady Gaga rocked it last night! I, of course waited til the very last second to get my ticket,
I started doing my makeup at 12pm while at work, thankfully I have full access to whatever line of makeup my heart desires.
My mom is the best concert partner so I called her up and said, "Get ready! We are going to Gaga tonight!" Thankfully she was on board. We hightailed it to Bridgestone arena and got our tickets piece of cake!.... The energy in the room was indescribable. Seeing people old and young dress up and put serious effort into their costumes was amazing! It reminded me of a bygone era (that I was too young to be a part of ) where people dressed up and created an exaggerated extension of themselves in order to connect with their favorite artist, a la Ziggy Stardust, KISS etc.

Gaga has such an effect on people it brought me to tears watching her perform. Yes, she is a little strange, but that is what makes her so interesting to watch.
I can honestly say she is the only artist besides Michael Jackson that is complete and total no bullshit. She is authentic and true to her fans, she works for a cause and has serious talent to back it all up. I am so glad I went to this show!!

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