Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear Diary.

Wednesday Dec 7th 2011,
Today was a great day! I awoke 15 minutes before I normally do, giving me time to actually get all of my shit done and get to work on time. 10:00 AM a mannequin falls on my nose leaving a slight gash and bruise, it doesn't matter because at 1:00 pm I discover that I was published alongside my new photographer buddy Jesse Koska in a very popular fashion photography blog called Ben Trovato hooray for us! 5pm I meet with my other photography buddy Stephanie May to discuss a future project. 5:45 my dad texts and asks me out for sushi, Thanks dad how did you know I was craving sushi tonight??!! 8:30 pm I arrive home to my Marc Jacobs platforms I won on EBAY!!!!!

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