Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Girl.

Stephanie is the modern day Bunny Yeager of pinup photography!!! You may know her work from being featured at "Venus and Mars The Showroom" I am happy to say that Stephanie is a new friend of mine. We met for lunch for the first time not too long ago, and hit it off so well that we sat and talked for almost 3 hours...

May I introduce October Girl..

Name: Stephanie Saujon
Interests: Photographing people and places, constant travel, reading bewitching novels, cooking up a storm, hula hooping, burlesque, vintage everything, and cuddling with my hilarious Scottie dogs.
How Long Have You Lived in Nashville: 4 years. Born and raised in Middle Tennessee.
Favorite Nashville Spot: Venus & Mars: The Showroom. It's my idea of heaven. :)
Favorite Nashvillian living or dead: Dolly Parton! She is a legend and an icon, and gorgeous to boot!

to check out her photography go to La Photographie


Unknown said...

I am so proud of you honey! I love you! XOX Eryk

Baybay Mama said...

I would love to go to that showroom. I saw you mentioned it on your facebook too! She looks like such a neat lady.