Friday, March 12, 2010

I Heart Ronson!

After a late night dash for some Dairy Queen at the Cool Springs Mall I finally made it over to JCpenny's. I've been reading about major changes in the store like the Sephora merge, The Olsen Twins newest and cheesiest collection, ( their wal-mart collection was way better Yall!) and the Charlotte Ronson collection. If you are not familiar with Charlotte Ronson, her brother is super producer Mark Ronson, and her sister is the gal that has been tangled up with Ms. Lohan. Personal life aside, Charlotte Ronson has a killer collection based out of NY. But for those of us that can't get our hands on that merch. Her JCpenny's I Heart Ronson collection makes the cut! I fell in love with the printed maxi dress and the romper, and Iekeliene Stange as the catalogue model...I think YES!

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