Friday, March 23, 2012

Nashville Fashion Week Day 3

I truly enjoyed last night's festivities. Fantastic installations dreamed up by local independent designers dispersed throughout Marathon Music Works made for an evening of whimsical spectacle.
Two standout installations were Tuft by Jessica Jones and Black by Maria Silver!

Tuft by Jessica Jones, this collection is dear to my heart because I had the chance to help her style it with accoutrements by my very own vintage clothing line Parlour, along with accessories by House of Stella, Stacy Pelerossi's fabulous Franklin shop! Jessica's installation was dreamed up by the California sounds of Indie rock duo Beach House. Her vision was of a girl band rockin out on bubble gum pink instruments and the vision was solid. Tinsel dresses, pastel yumminess, NYLON Magazine here she comes!

Black by Maria Silver (aka Poni Silver of the wicked indie outfit The Ettes) screamed sex and rock and roll with it's decadent vampiric edge. Studs, corsets, ladies and gentleman lounging... it's no secret this girl is a badass and we'll be seeing a lot more of her in the glossies!

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