Friday, December 7, 2012

A week in Vogue

This past Sunday was a most spectacular day spent at the Frist museum. I arrived in the nick of time to hear the likes of Supermodel, Karen Elson and Grace Coddington, Creative Director of American Vogue speak about their fascinating journeys through the world of fashion. While I would have enjoyed a bit of audience interaction with a short Q&A, I have to say the event was entirely worth $50. My favorite part of the discussion was when Karen Elson recollected a moment when the famed model agent Eileen Ford, told her that her new look created by Steven Meisel would end her career forever. Elson's response was "Never let anyone tell you can't do anything" Clearly, she heeded her own advice.
This thursday Nashville was visited by yet another American Vogue notable, contributing editor Andre' Leon Talley. The event was hosted by Nordstrom in an effort to promote their newest title “Vogue: The Editor’s Eye,” If you were lucky enough to catch the private lunch earlier in the day you would have experienced an more intimate moment with Mr. Talley. However, being that the fashion presentation later in the evening was a free event open to the public, crowd control had to be established. Never one to be a celebrity gawker, I chose to admire ALT in his Chanel chamber from afar while canoodling with some of my very favorite Nashville fashion compadres. Later that evening I caught the "In Vogue, The Editors Eye" documentary on HBO. A truly mesmerizing look on the inside of what happens behind the scenes at Vogue. In so many words, all of the burning questions I so desired to ask all week were answered in a 90 minutes time. Photos courtesy of The Tennessean

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