Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Archives (part 2)

I launched Parlour Archives last month. The archives are special pieces available for rental purposes only. I will be posting pictures of the archives every month for you to view. For questions, information and feedback please email me @ parlourclothing@gmail.com

photos:Dylan Reyes
Model:Rachel Ruff


Anonymous said...

i freaked out for a second and thought those last tights were missoni knit... do such tights exist??
those are pretty adorable!


loveroffashion said...

They are actually Missoni for Wolford tights!! and they are RAD!!

Anonymous said...

Are they vintage? I can't believe they ARE Missoni!! That is going to be my new ebay obsession.
Must find a pair!!!!

loveroffashion said...

they are not vintage...nope, I think they are like two seasons ago.
found mine at TJ Max