Thursday, March 19, 2009


My recent portrait find, and good pal Rachel from Brooklynyall reminded me how amazing Blythe dolls are! I decided to dedicate a post to the little ladies!! Alexander McQueen recently collaborated with Target, and Blythe as I am sure you all know. I am not really into the real people clothes, but the doll clothes are super cute!!

Here are some shots from the McQueen/Target/Blythe Campaign.

and a brief history

according to Wikipedia
Blythe (pronounced [blaɪθ]) is a doll created in 1972 by designer Allison Katzman with the now-defunct U.S. toy company Kenner. Reportedly, she was modeled after drawings by Margaret Keane, similarly to many other dolls of the '60s and '70s. Her most distinctive and notable feature were eyes that changed color with the pull of a string attached to the back of her head. Due to a lack of interest, Blythe dolls were only sold for one year in the U.S. (produced in Hong Kong), during 1972.

now 30 years later Blythe dolls are a Phenomenon.

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