Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Boxes.

So the house hunt continues, and all I can think about is decorating. Here are some more inspiration shots. I know I need bookshelves galore, and a rad kitchen set up. A place to store my sunglasses collection would be rad too ;)


PEPPER!!!!! said...

the last picture is sick...are those shelves in some1's house??? I would love to have that in my spot...cuz I never leave the house w out haterblockers on...ol boy in the shot is sexy too

loveroffashion said...

I know! How awesome would it be to have a shelf solely dedicated to sunglasses. The picture of the guy is actually from, it is an awesome site of artist's homes. The guy in the picture is the creator of Ksubi!! check it out.

PEPPER!!!!! said...

WOW, i just sat on the site for too long at work!!!!!!!