Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Girl.

I have not known this lil lady long. I met her backstage at the Elton John Billy Joel show at the Sommet Center this year, apparently our dads are friends from way back when. And for the record our dads were and still are super cool dudes.
May I introduce my December girl.

Name: Scarlett McDonald

Interests:Traveling with papa, learning the piano, any clothing or music from the 70's, My cat Leon (The only man I can depend on), pilates, milk, and my new comforter... intensely

How Long have you lived in Nashville? Going on a mere 15 years now.

Favorite Nashville Spot? My front porch in Sylvan Park

Favorite Nashvillian living or dead? June carter and Alison Krauss, both their voices are beautiful.

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