Monday, December 7, 2009

Liz Goldwyn

This months issue of British Vogue (p.250) ran a gorgeous article about Liz Goldwyn. Her name may sound familiar as she is the granddaugther of Hollywood film mogul Samuel Goldwyn. I always knew that she was an avid vintage clothing collector,however, I never knew the capacity of her collection. Apparently she has the second largest vintage clothing archive, With Demi Moore coming in first. Among her collection are Oscar gowns, debutante ballgowns, she even owns one of Bob Marley's hats. I can only imagine what she keeps in her storage unit/Vintage Vault. This article struck me because I began a vintage clothing archive when I was in college. I went to design school in Boston, the area that I lived was very prominent, so you can only imagine the stuff that people threw away. One of my best finds of that time, is a Vintage Pucci gown!! While my collection is nowhere near Liz Goldwyn's it makes me feel better that I am not the only vintage hoarder out there ;)

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