Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Girl

This gal is as sweet as apple pie! I met her through her boyfriend, bad ass photographer Dylan Reyes. Dylan and I worked on a photo shoot at her house on Christmas Eve, I was fascinated by her skills in wrapping and presenting gifts, done like a true artist! Not only is She crafty she is super cute!! introducing Bits and Baubles February Girl!

Name: Amanda Lee

Interests: Decorating, Reading, Dancing, Vintage shopping, Blogging

How Long have you lived in Nashville? 11 years.

Favorite Nashville Spot? Fido. I love that coffee shop. If i am not at my house I am usually sitting on the porch at fido.

Favorite Nashvillian living or dead? Living: Dylan Reyes, Photograher and super handsome boyfriend(shameless plug) Dead: Johnny Cash. I know its obvious, but I cant help it.

check out her blog here

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