Monday, August 9, 2010

Moon Bags by Patricia Smith

On my latest buying trip to NYC I discovered one of the most amazing new/old finds!!

Here is the scoop

"Extraordinary vintage Patricia Smith Moon Bags. Patricia is a renowned artist. Patricia designed the artwork on the lacquered panels herself. Her business, Moon Bags Inc, Milwaukee, WI was in business from the late 1970's through 1997. All the lacquered flap Moon Bags have a Velcro strip so the panels can be interchanged. She sold her business to Karia Jordan Collections which sold the Moon Bags for a short period of time. Now the Moon Bags are one of the most sought after wearable collectable vintage handbags.

The needlepoint purses are a work of art. These purse kits were sold in Yarn Shops and ladies would choose the colors of the needlepoint yarn to go with the canvas artwork for each unique needlepoint purse. Also choosing the lacquered plaques. Once the needlepoint was complete the purse would be sent to Patricia Smith Moon Bags for assembly. Since these were all hand made none are the same." info courtesy of

other than the bags on the site listed above, this is the coolest one that I could find out there right now ETSY.COM

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