Saturday, August 14, 2010

Parlour's Pass ups.

1. This dress had great shine quality but a horrible cut.
2. A great print, horrible two piece boxy cut
3. Loved this Aztec print, the ever dreaded polyester shirt
4. I was so close to buying this paillette skirt when I noticed it was missing a few.
5. Gorgeous vintage silk blouse, pit stains :)
6. love these metallic thread shirts when they aren't missing threads.
7. Can't remember what the heck this was.
8. this either
9. cool psychedelic print horrible shifty shape
10. The fabric was perfect on this, but it was a house dress
12. The perfect maxi dress, missing a zipper
13. this shirt was waaaay to big, but the print was ON.
14. I love butterflies
15. the perfect vintage print, in pajamas
16. Did I say I love butterflies!!!


Eugenia Maru said...

Their are fabrics?


loveroffashion said...

These are actual garments. I capture the fabric only just in case anyone ends up buying the actual piece :)