Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Back when I was living in NYC I was styling on the regular. The beauty of NYC is there are so many new fresh faces coming in, it is easy to shoot with some of the best before they become "the best"

I worked with Cecilia Mendez shortly after she moved from Argentina on one of her first shoots in the U.S . at the time she was signed with Supreme and they were testing her to find her look. My photographer friend, Andrew De Francesco booked her and I thought she had the perfect look to do a Peggy Moffitt 1960s themed photo shoot. I styled her in a couple fabulous vintage pieces that I had thrifted in NYC and was really happy with the outcome. The beauty of our photo shoot is, yes her agents were pissed that we "exposed" her but our shoot inspired them to cut her hair off "Peggy Moffitt" style which sky rocketed her career as an it girl in the modeling world!

to see more of her campaigns/work check www.nextmodels.com

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