Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thirty Thirty Thirty!

My 30th birthday party went without a glitch. You know the feeling of anxiety when you plan parties you think of all of the worst possible scenarios. Like, not enough chairs,not enough food, the rain ruining the girls dresses etc. I am happy to say none of the above happened. I planned a 1930s themed birthday party at my house for my twin sister and I, because lets face it, you only turn 30 once! I spent my Saturday morning hanging paper lanterns in the trees, the effect was so romantic and the rain only ruined two of them...phew! The food, catered by the incredible Nashville restaurant "The Mad Platter" arrived around 5:00 when the party was just kicking off. Guests arrived in their finest late 1920s 1930s garb, mingling before the Gypsy jazz band "Hot Club Time Machine" showed up and played until the wee hours of the morning. The night was capped off by a slew of fashionable folk playing dress up in my closets!!!! I have to say 30 is very classy!!

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