Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miami and Back!

Miami was a fun and a much needed vacay! I packed a few of my fabulous vintage Pucci pieces and boy am I glad because Miami is the place to wear them! I set out to do some vintage shopping and after a fabulous Italian dinner with Danny, I hit up Fly Vintage Boutique on Lincoln Ave...some of the most amazing vintage pieces I have ever clapped my eyes on! I was seconds away from buying a fabulous pair of vintage Kamali pocketbook is thanking me for not taking that plunge! Day 2 I set out for some vintage scores of my own and came across an Out of the Closet! When I lived in LA I frequented Out of the Closet, fabulous scores all around! Amidst my vintage excursions I managed to relax and get some sunshine on the beach! Check out my new Terry de Havilland look alikes!!! By day 4 Danny and I rented a car, did more vintage shopping and hit the road for Key West! I had never been to Key West before and I fell in love with it! Beautiful quaint colonial homes with the most gorgeous palm trees everywhere! We walked to the pier for a seafood dinner and just before sunset, I made a new friend...the sponge monster! Before our drive back to Miami we visited the southernmost tip of the United States...Cowabunga!!
My last day in Miami was spent doing a bit more vintage shopping and walking Ocean drive with Danny.

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