Thursday, February 2, 2012

MaMa we miss you.

Last week my family lost a jewel. A jewel more precious than any miner could ever mine. At 81 my grandmother aka MaMa was welcomed through the gates of heaven. It is interesting how when you are little you take for granted your elders, passing them off as something old, therefore eternal. It isn't until they leave this world that you realize just how much they have impacted your life and instilled very important life skills. Teaching us things as simple as chewing your food slowly and acting like a lady, to more complex skills such as how to pinch a penny. Something only someone born during the depression truly excels.

My MaMa held a certain poise that only women of her generation possesses, a certain level of class, now extinct. In all my years I never saw my MaMa look bad, even when she felt her worst she was dressed her best. When she smiled she lit up the room and when she giggled the whole room roared in laughter, for her giggle was unique and unduplicated :) I hope that in my life I can share as much love, devotion, and kindness my MaMa showed everyone she encountered.

We miss you so much MaMa

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ReneƩ T. Armstead said...

I am struck by some of these pictures where she and Christina look alike! Very interesting. These are nice phots. Thanks for sharing your photos with us and for your comments, Aria. This reminds me that one day this will be US that will be elderly and leaving people.

ReneƩ T. Armstead