Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney, the world is quiet without you.

I don't remember too many things from my childhood. I am not a person blessed with a memory of a large capacity. I do, however,remember as a child locking myself up in my room day after day practicing my vocals to the Bodyguard soundtrack. I would spend hours perfecting every run trying so hard to replicate her voice. As years have gone by no other artist has inspired me in such a way. Though some have come pretty close, I can safely say Whitney Houston had the greatest voice in the history of female artists. Some of you may or may not know Whitney came from a very soulful and musical background, her mother Cissy Houston was an amazing gospel singer who provided backing vocals for some of my father's greatest songs! And we cannot forget her Aunt Dionne Warwick. My prayers are with her family.

Whitney,The world is quiet without you.

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