Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Girl.

Picoli is one of my best gal pals! She works right across the counter from me at Chanel ooh la la!!!! I had an idea to re-create 60's photographer, Sam Haskins' "Cowboy Kate" because Picoli resembles her so much. here is the original and here is the modern day version. Photography by me!!

Introducing the platinum blonde bomb shell!!

Name: Picoli Rennie ( no really thats my real name, I was born with it )

Interests: Going to shows, reading, shooting guns >=), eating subway ( only vegetarian style ), exploring new places that I've never been, Oooooooooooo and random roadtrips ( when I have money )!!

How long have you lived in Nashville? Going on 7 years

What do you love about Nashville? Its not as big as a ' Big City ' but its big enough and yet its small enough that you run into people that you know all the time and it feels like home!!

What do you hate about Nashville? The Scene people!! I don't hate them I just wish that they would grow up and realize that there is more to life than what they consider to be COOL!!!

What is your favorite Nashville spot? I have lots! It all depends on how I feel. I love going to eat sushi at Wild Wasabi!! I love going to get coffee at Fido because I usually know at least one person there but I don't stay because you cant get any reading done for that very reason! I love going to the library to read because I like the feeling of being surrounded by books and its quiet!! Oh and I love Belcourt!! I think my favorite spot right now, with the way I am feeling would have to be Bongo Java because of their little cubby hole room that they have!!

Who is your favorite Nashvillian living or dead? Probably my most favorite Nashvillian would be Julie Russell ( my adopted catholic momma ) I love her dearly and she has been an amazing person to have in my life and a great influence to have!! If I were to choose one that was not with us anymore it would hands down be Johhny Cash!! I cried when he died!!:(

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