Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Reason For the Season.

The days are winding down until Christmas, crunch time has begun, and it really shows. This holiday has been weird, tumultuous and somewhat sad for people I think. Given our current economic crisis it has made people very depressed and angry, mostly for the reason that around this time we are told to shop shop shop, and most of us can't. What we must understand is that when life as we know it has passed, we don't bring iphones,ipods, or computers with us. We don't need these things we desire them because we are told that we need them. We need to just chill and really realize the reason for the season. It is upsetting to me that Christmas has turned into a whirlwind of shopping madness and anger. I work in retail and I witness the worst of it trust me. People get really crazy around this time of year because they have a "list" to attend to and if their list is not fufilled then dissapointment occurs. Or if people don't have the money to provide a "good Christmas" it depresses them. Don't get me wrong I love giving presents and receiving presents,I just don't like when it feels forced. I love to give people gifts on my own time and agenda, when the feeling in my heart is right. I don't want to preach, but I'm going to! We need to remember what Christmas is all about. Christmas is believed to be the day Christ was born. Whether you are Christian or not the fundamentals of any faith, is LOVE, God is LOVE. So instead of wasting time buying presents to show our love we should find others ways to genuinely show our love for one another. The purpose of life is to give and receive love from mankind, this is, to me,what Christmas is about. So love your family, your companions love even people you don't know. This is the true reason for the season!

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