Tuesday, December 16, 2008


If you know anything about me by now, you know that I am an absolute magazine fanatic. No seriously my room is full of them! I caught wind of a new magazine by the Katie Grand the editor for POP magazine called "LOVE" I LOVE it already!!

heres the scoop:

Katie Grand's new magazine has a name — Love — just as previously rumored. Nicholas Coleridge, managing director of Conde Nast UK, which is publishing the magazine, explains: "We came up with the name together. It's just a great name. It's a very positive name denoting a love of fashion and a love of style."

Love — which comes out late February, early March, will go for £5 and is already attracting a "very positive response" from advertisers. It's also rumored to have attracted Francesca Burns from her post as fashion editor at i-D — she's said to be joining Love as senior fashion editor-at-large.

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SOS! said...

Minnie mouse bow is so cute, but wouldn't wear it i think.
xx-LJ from SOS!