Friday, January 30, 2009

Oh closet, you are missed.

Ever since I moved back home, I have missed my old closet. I loved that closet for many reasons, it was big in comparison to my tiny manhattan shoe box of a closet. But mostly because it was A shaped, which is very significant to me for a couple reasons. Reason #1 my name starts with an A, and reason #2 because my dream is to live in an A frame house! I miss laying on my magic carpet with my magic cigarette and staring at all the insane patterns that make my wardrobe.

My boyfriend was convinced that my closet was haunted, I thought he was insane until one day, while he was sitting in the living room I heard a very distinct scream and he did not hear it at all...kind of freaky but, I aint afraid of no ghosts.

Before I left, Carmen and I took pictures to appreciate and remember giant closet #1

(I predict an even bigger one in my future)

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Unknown said...

that closet is FABULOUS!