Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Golden Age of Couture

I have been very diligently reading the "Golden Age of Couture" Paris and London 1947-57. It is so interesting to me,that there was a time when Ready to Wear scarcely existed, in that era,everything was made specifically for someone. Unlike today, where everything is made to be so disposable, not to mention made from the lowest quality fabrics. Forgive me Topshop lovers, I am just getting to a a point, in my almost 28 years, that staying power is where its at! I am now at the chapter when the ladies are attending their appointments at the House of Dior for their custom creations, to later to be delivered at their doors...there is something so romantic about all of it, no?

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Lulu said...

Great post!
all the photos are flawless and such beautiful shots!