Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Girl.

This gal is so rad! She brings so much flair to our fair city and has made her career out of reporting the coolest events in Nashville...

Name: Heather Byrd or "Byrdie." I answer to both.

Interests: Peter Pan complexes, photography, driving fast, kissing slow, road trips with perfect soundtracks, hiking, testing my limits, billiards, stimulating conversations, updating my blog (www.byrdie.tumblr.com), feeling groovy and overcoming my fears.

How long have you lived in Nashville? Since 7th grade at Bellevue Middle School. I moved here in 1989 so my mother could attend law school at Vandy.

What is your favorite Nashville spot? There are so many. My hammock. Radnor Lake, especially when the trees' leaves are changing colors. The Natchez Trace parkway for the perfect Sunday drive. Blue Moon Lagoon to chill out with pals for a bite and a cold beer.

Who is your favorite Nashvillian living or dead? I would say my mother, but she is from Jackson, TN. So I will say Oprah Winfrey. You can't help but appreciate her ambition and ability to always maintain a level head no matter what situation she is in or who she is speaking with. It's one of the best qualities a person can have.


Anonymous said...

My very best friend in all the land in from Memphis. I know that's not Nashville, but ir eally do love TN. It so pretty.

By the way I love that photo of the diver... very cool!

Have an amazing day!

loveroffashion said...

I love TN too!! it is a really great state, that I am proud to call home!

Heather Byrd said...

Thanks so much for this. I am truly honored. :)