Monday, May 31, 2010

May Girl.

This gal is my new pal! She is a very classy broad with the most gorgeous hair of anyone I know...Here she is.

Name: Naomi Cox

Interests: I collect fun things: movies, music, grandma type vintage trinkets, clothes, people, stray dogs, anything Disney...the list goes on. cooking, pictures, walks, and Black Baby/Bravo Max (gotta represent)

How long have you lived in Nashville? since 7th grade..whats that...10 years...ugh i mean 16 years. Cant seem to leave!!

Favorite Nashville spot: Among the many are Centennial Park, Melrose Pool Hall, and Sweet CiCi's yummyness

Favorite Nashvillian living or dead: i wanna say Jack White because he is the best..but i also wanna say my sister Chelsea cause she makes me laugh so hard and my other sister Anna if it was a question about hard to decide

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