Friday, July 9, 2010

Creature of Couture

With all this talk of Couture in the air. I have been dying to find a few pieces to add to Parlour's Vintage Archive. Much to my delight, I found this gown yesterday in impeccable condition. It is a coral colored silk chiffon size 8, I believe it to be 1950s as the closures are of that era.

The designer is Frank Starr
this is about all I the information I could dig up on him.

"Frank Starr was the father of Malcolm Starr, and the Frank Starr Originals label was the forerunner of the Malcolm Starr label. The label ran from the 1930s until 1966. In the 1940s. the designer at Frank Starr was Ruth Goude"

the fine pleating on this dress reminds me very much of Jean Desse's robe du soir longue showing @ "The Golden Age of Couture" exhibit at the Frist

*price available upon request

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