Saturday, July 31, 2010

Parlour's Pass Ups

I haven't posted any of my pass ups lately because, quite frankly there haven't been many.
Most of these are from my NYC trip, there was so much to choose from I had to be a bit more selective :)

1. The first piece was stellar, but prices in NYC are a bit higher than Nashville so some things had to go, the print is to die for but the cut did not make the cut.

2. The faux Pucci print had an amazing color way, it was just too faux for the spendage.

3. Love the gold and red brocade print but it was cut worse than any dress I have ever justified buying.

4. Oh how I adore Pansies, especially in this color way, the dress was cut on the bias and not interesting otherwise.

5. Horrible polyester on the star print. no no no

6. The black and Gold brocade made it to the register, however I noticed too many frays on one of the flower motifs and put it back.

7. The plaid print was actually an amazing slip, it was very hard to pass up but the price was ridonk and it needed major repair work. boo hoo :(

8. adorable dainty print, boxy cut

9. I really should have bought the puppy print top, kind of kicking myself.

10. This batik print was perfection, the cut, however, was not.

11. This bedazzled delight was a pair of too warped shoes

12. Brown and Orange die for. was made by some new obscure designer that I really didn't care about.

13. I fell in love with this vintage pheasant print dress, but the cut couldn't possibly flatter anyone.

14. missing sequinzzzzzz

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