Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Trip.

NYC was a riot! I got there Friday and the first thing I did was hit the streets! I scored so many great things, it is sickening.
I hit my usual spots (more posts on new stock and pass ups soon) that night we had dinner with Steve Van Zandt and his wife. I was so pooped from waking up at the butt crack that I hit the sack.

Saturday was completely reserved for the show on Long Island, and it went FABULOUSLY!! My dad and I rocked the house, given the heat we got off the stage DRENCHED in sweat.

Sunday was a blast! I met up with my BFF Natalie we had a nice lunch and hit up the shops in Soho. We checked out Ressurection and Anna Sui to name a few. We then hiked down to Topshop....SOOO BORING!! (the one in London is so much more interesting). It was so bland we didn't buy a single thing.

Monday morning I woke up and hit 5th avenue. Most of the display pictures posted are from my 5th ave adventures. I went in just about every boutique just touching and admiring the gems of the season...YSL floored me of course. later in the day I met up with my other BFF Cheroc. we met at Salvation Army and tore the store apart. we spent 3 hours shopping and walked out with the most incredible finds! I can't wait to show you the picture of the dress that I found...of course I am keeping that one ;)

Tuesday I woke up and attempted to go to the MOMA but to no avail as they are closed on Tuesdays...BOO
It was a great trip overall, it seriously felt like I never left!

*wearing from top, thrifted 1930s house dress with Forever 21 belt
* blue gym uniform from TN flea market
* Below vintage Missoni maxi dress

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Jodi said...

So jealous that you had time and money to take this great trip. Hope to do same soon.