Friday, November 19, 2010

Parlour's Pass Ups.

1.This was such a good print, too bad it was Isaac Mizrahi for Target.
2. Love me a paisley when it's not polyester
3. Aah this was such a great knit, the cut was a litte too Bert and Ernie though
4. I fell in love with the print on this top, on the spot, but it was a little too homemade for my taste
5. Dolly Parton polyester!
6. This amazing deco print was on a men's good.
7. Truth be told, I should have bought this sweater...Twin Coco Chanels? I'm an ass.
8. polyester.
9. another one I should have bought Metallic clovers!
10. This had the perfect Missoni style knit. The sleeves were just stretched out to oblivion.

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