Thursday, September 4, 2008

Richards' girl designs denim.

Speaking of Keith Richards. His daughter Theodora has started her own denim line 4 stroke. Every pair is named after a different rock venue. How is that for cool??? read on for the press release...

The bursting ranks of international boutique denim labels has a new member, 4stroke. The label is inspired by Theodora Richards, the glam It-Girl, model and daughter of Rolling Stones legendary guitarist Keith Richards.

The rock'n'roll inpsired label stays true to its theme, naming styles after iconic rock'n'roll venues and taking wash names from classic rock'n'roll lyrics. The label has also thrown its weight behind the concept of eco-fashion, with the development of their pure denim range made from organic and eco-conscious fabrics with clean washes and styles that bring a refined look to the collection. This season's collection takes inspiration from the 1970’s and 1980’s, mixing classic retro styles with earth toned colours.

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