Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Destination Manifestation.

I totally believe in manifestation. I have, many times had a vision of something that I wanted to find at a thrift store and I totally find it. Sometimes it happens instantaneously, other times it takes some time. I have found so many covetable things that I still to this day cannot believe I have found at a thrift store.

Recently, I have found two things that I have been searching for, for a long time. Firstly, I found the book "Candy" by Terry Southern. I posted a while back about wanting to find something having to do with the movie. The book is out of print and not easy to find as it was banned in many places. It is interesting because the book says Candy by M. which is the initial for Southern's pseudonym Maxwell Kenton.

The best find so far was the bathing suit that Chloe Sevigny wore in the movie "Gummo." From the moment I saw that movie I have been searching high and low for a bathing suit with a tiger on the front. I finally found THE EXACT bathing suit at Music City Thrift this summer!

There are so many other items that I am searching for, I have no doubt that they will surface one day.


Baybay Mama said...

How the hell did you find that bathing suit? It is so awesome. I love that movie. I think she styled it, right?

As for that book, I've never heard of it. I feel like I am on a reading lull with freaking out about writing my personal statement for grad school.

Hope you are well.

loveroffashion said...

I don't know how I found it, I always wanted one, and one day it appeared. She did style the movie, in fact a lot of it was shot in Nashville, and I'm pretty sure she thrifted most of the wardrobe in Nashville as well.

Candy is a provocative story about a girl that is learning about sex. It caused a big sensation because of it's forwardness about sex. Compared to sex in society now, it is pretty PG.

Good luck on your statement piece.